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Firefly Solar is committed to a long-term partnership serving the people of Lawrence County by offering a quarterly grant to aid academic, recreational, and community activities. The Firefly Solar Community Grant seeks to provide community groups and organizations with funds to further their mission and hands-on work. Any local entity that meets the following criteria may apply for a grant.

Children in School Bus


Grants will be awarded quarterly in March, June, September, December. 
Grant application deadlines for each quarter are as follows: March 15, June 15, September 15, and December 5.
Applications submitted that do not get awarded may resubmit for consideration the following quarter. All applicants are able to request grant funds as often as needed.
The grant winners and awarded amounts will be chosen at the discretion of Vesper Energy staff.


Applicant Criteria:

The organization or group must be based in Lawrence County or serve the people of Lawrence County.
The organization or group’s intent must benefit the people or institution of Lawrence County.
Any awarded funds must be used exclusively in support of programs, efforts, or events directly related to Lawrence County.
The organization or group must be a registered entity with Pennsylvania and provide proof of a W9 tax form.



To apply please send an email with the application information and related documents to

Phone Number:
Organization Name:

Required Materials and Questions:
1.    What is your group or organization’s mission?
2.    What is the project to be funded and how will it benefit the community?
3.    Who are the immediate recipients of the grant and what are their positions in this group or organization?
4.    What dollar amount are you requesting to support this project?
5.    Who are your board members?
Completed W9?

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